The CLEVELAND JOURNALISM HALL OF FAME honors figures both living and deceased who have made outstanding career contributions to the local print and electronic media. It was instituted by the PRESS CLUB OF CLEVELAND, which installed 11 charter members at a dinner in 1981 addressed by ABC newsman Ted Koppel. Since then 3 or 4 members have been added nearly every year, elected from a list of nominees presented to the club's general membership. New inductees are installed at a special dinner usually given in the fall. Members of the Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame in 1994 were (* denotes charter inductee): Bob August, HOWARD BEAUFAIT, *PAUL BELLAMY, PETER BELLAMY, HILBERT BLACK, J. H. A. BONE, *CHARLES F. BROWNE, *BRUCE CATTON, NEV CHANDLER, LOUIS CLIFFORD, GORDON COBBLEDICK, Ken Coleman, Jim Collins, George Condon, EDWIN COWLES, Hugh Danaceau, Charles Day, *DAVID DIETZ, JAMES DONAHEY, Jimmy Dudley, RUSSELL FAIST, Dick Feagler, WINSOR FRENCH, *DOROTHY FULDHEIM, Chuck Heaton, LYNN HEINZERLING, LIBERTY E. HOLDEN, ERIE C. HOPWOOD, NATHANIEL HOWARD, Eber D. Howe, Herb Kamm, Hal Lebovitz, FRANKLIN LEWIS, *ROELIF LOVELAND, *WILLIAM F. McDERMOTT, Dick McLaughlin, Wayne Mack, SANFORD MARKEY, Doris O'Donnell, Ray Osrin, *PHILIP W. PORTER, *JOHN W. RAPER, John W. Rees, BILL ROBERTS, Don Robertson, JOSEPHINE ROBERTSON, Jane Scott, EDWARD W. SCRIPPS, *LOUIS B. SELTZER, Norman Shaw, Mary Strassmeyer, Pauline Thoma, WILLIAM O. WALKER, *MILT WIDDER.

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