The DAILY LEGAL NEWS publishes all court activity, including mandatory legal advertising, as the official reporter of Cuyahoga County. It was started on 28 Nov. 1885 as the Daily Court Record by Edmund W. Bowers, a newspaper reporter, and Francis M. Chandler, a deputy county clerk. Located originally in the former county courthouse at Rockwell and Seneca (W. 3rd) St. (see ARCHITECTURE, CIVIC), the paper was soon sold to James B. Savage, a printer on nearby Frankfort St. It became the Daily Legal News in 1887. In the early 1900s the Daily Legal News was acquired by GEORGE A. ROBERTSON, who published it as the morning edition of his CLEVELAND RECORDER. Following Robertson's death in 1908, both papers became the property of Edmund H. Swetman, who merged them as the Daily Legal News and Cleveland Recorder. In 1919 Ralph C. Karlovec, a pharmaceutical salesman, purchased the Legal News from Swetman's widow and moved it to Ontario St. There he founded a commercial printing operation, the Cadillac Press, and won a court battle in 1938 to establish the Legal News as the county's official court record. Displaced by the construction of the Justice Ctr. in 1964, the Daily Legal News moved to its present (1994) address at 2935 Prospect Ave. Still owned by the Karlovec family, it appears daily except weekends and has a circulation of 2,000. It also publishes the weekly CITY RECORD, the official transcript of all CLEVELAND CITY COUNCIL proceedings.

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