EUCLID HOSPITAL (formerly known as Parkwood Hospital, Glenville Hospital, Euclid-Glenville Hospital, Euclid General Hospital, and MERIDIA EUCLID HOSPITAL) was begun as a voluntary, nonprofit community hospital at 18901 Lakeshore Boulevard in EUCLID. Lack of hospital facilities in the Collinwood area spurred the formation of a hospital in Glenville in 1907 by the Parkwood Hospital Association. The hospital, located in an apartment-like building at 701 Parkwood Avenue, was known as Glenville Hospital or Parkwood Hospital. Dr. Hudson Fowler, Sr., company surgeon for the New York Central Railroad, and Dr. JACOB E. TUCKERMAN were among the hospital's founders and directed its early efforts. A training school for nursing was an integral part of the hospital from its beginning. Glenville incorporated as a nonprofit hospital in 1927 and retained an all-physician Board of Trustees until 1944. The original hospital was replaced by a more modern facility in 1933. In 1950 the Euclid-Glenville Hospital Association was formed, and plans were developed to build a new hospital at a site in Euclid. In 1952 Euclid-Glenville Hospital was built on the present (2006) site. Euclid General underwent corporate restructuring in 1983 and became part of first Lakeshore Health Systems, then Strategic Health Systems, and finally MERIDIA HEALTH SYSTEMS. In 1997 the Meridia Health System became part of the CLEVELAND CLINIC. In 2006, the four hospitals (EUCLID HOSPITAL, HILLCREST HOSPITAL, HURON HOSPITAL, and SOUTH POINTE HOSPITAL) were collectively known as the East Region Hospitals of the Cleveland Clinic Health System. At that time Euclid Hospital was home to one of the region's leading rehabilitation and orthopedic centers. The hospital, with 371-licensed beds, offered care from emergency services to surgery, to acute and subacute care, to rehabilitation, to outpatient care.

"Hospitals" Collection, Archives, Dittrick Museum of Medical History.

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