HART, ALBERT GAILORD (17 Aug. 1821-10 Oct. 1907), physician and CIVIL WAR Army surgeon, was born in Hartford, Ohio (Trumbull County), son of Ambrose and Louisy (Bushnell) Hart. He graduated with a bachelor's degree from Western Reserve College in 1840, studied medicine in Mercer County, Pa. (1841-43) and attended lectures at the University of Pennsylvania, received his master's degree from Western Reserve College in 1844, practiced medicine in Middlesex, Pa. from 1844-52, and received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1852. Between 1852-60, he practiced in Clarksville (Mercer County), Pa. In 1860 he moved to Hartford, Ohio, and invested in the oil business in Mecca, Ohio. When the Civil War broke out, Hart was appointed assistant surgeon, 41ST OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. In Jan. 1864 Hart returned to Ohio, accompanying Col. AQUILA WILEY of the 41st Regiment to Cleveland, on veterans furlough, returning to the field with his regiment before resigning in Nov. 1864. Hart moved his family to Brooklyn Twp. in 1864 and served on the medical staff at the U.S. GENERAL HOSPITAL in University Hts. He became a member of the Medical Society of Cleveland in 1870, served on the Cleveland Board of Education, 1871-73, and was a member of the CLEVELAND BOARD OF HEALTH in 1880. Hart married Mary Crosley Hornell 6 June 1844 and had 2 sons, Hastings Cornell and Albert Bushnell; and 2 daughters, Helen Marcia and Mary Jeanette. Hart is buried in WOODLAND CEMETERY.

Albert Gailord Hart Papers, WRHS.

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