The MAYFIELD COUNTRY CLUB ,an invitational golf club located on approx. 211 acres at 1545 Sheridan Rd., LYNDHURST, was originally part of the EUCLID CLUB (1901). In 1908 some members withdrew from the Euclid Club and, under the leadership of Benjamin F. Bourne and Malcolm B. Johnson, organized the Mayfield Country Club (June 1909). W. H. (Bertie) Way, a former professional at the Euclid Club, searched for, selected, and designed the golf course. The original clubhouse, designed by architect FRANK B. MEADE, was opened 1 July 1911, and destroyed by fire on 10 Mar. 1914. Rebuilt and reopened on Labor Day, 1914, it was destroyed by fire a second time, 18 Apr. 1948, but was rebuilt on the same location and reopened in May 1949.

The club hosted the 1915 and 1919 Western Opens, the 1920 Women’s National Championship, the 1927 Ohio Women’s Championship and the 1929 Women’s Western Championship. Prominent members included CYRUS EATON, Harvey S. Firestone and DR. GEORGE CRILE, co-founder of the CLEVELAND CLINIC FOUNDATION.

In addition to GOLF, club activities include TENNIS (the club hosted the 1921 Davis Cup tournament), swimming, curling, paddle tennis, and social events for members such as receptions, dances, teas, and parties.

In 2006, Mayfield merged with Sand Ridge Golf Club in Chardon, and is now known as Mayfield Sand Ridge. In 2010, it took on the membership of the OAKWOOD CLUB when that property was sold, and in 2018, Mayfield Sand Ridge was purchased by Monte Ahuja, CEO of Transtar Industries Inc.

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