MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, originally Mayfield Twp., incorporated as a city in 1950. It is located east of Cleveland and bounded by HIGHLAND HTS. and MAYFIELD VILLAGE on the north, LYNDHURST on the west, PEPPER PIKE on the south, and GATES MILLS on the east. The city covers 4.16 sq. mi. Mayfield Twp. was formed on 14 June 1819 from Chagrin Twp. and originally included the modern communities of Mayfield Hts., Gates Mills, Highland Hts., Mayfield Village, and a portion of Lyndhurst. In 1920 the township was divided into 4 villages: Mayfield Village, Highland Hts., Gates Mills, and Riverside (which eventually became part of Gates Mills in the late 1920s). In 1925 the southern part of Mayfield Village formed a separate unit and became Mayfield Hts. Approximately 58% of the residential development consisted of single-family homes in 1986, while the remaining 42% consisted of apartment dwellings. Mayfield Hts. has adopted the mayor-council form of government. Its population grew from 13,478 in 1960 to 22,139 in 1970, then dropped to 21,550 in 1980, 19,847 in 1990, and 19,386 in 2000. The city had little industry, 6 banks, and 6 savings-and-loan associations in 1986. It hosted 13 churches and 1 synagogue. The city's largest employers in 1986 were HILLCREST HOSPITAL and the Mayfield City Board of Education. The school district also included Gates Mills, Highland Hts. and Mayfield Village, with 3,915 pupils (1995) in a senior high school (located in Mayfield Village), middle school, and 4 elementary schools. The Millridge Center for the Hearing Impaired serves children from 23 districts. Recreational and public facilities included the Community Center and more than 20 acres of parks and recreational land.

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