The 19TH OHIO INDEPENDENT BATTERY, 1862-65, was mustered into federal service in the CIVIL WAR at Camp Cleveland for 3 years on 10 Sept. 1862. It remained in Cleveland until movement to Kentucky on 6 Oct. In Lexington, KY, the 19th Battery was assigned to the Army of Kentucky, Dept. of the Ohio, until Dec. 1862. Between Dec. 1862 and Jan. 1863, it was assigned to the artillery of the 2d Div., Army of Kentucky, Dept. of the Ohio. From Jan.-June 1863, the 19th was assigned to the District of Central Kentucky, Dept. of the Ohio, and between June and July 1863, it was part of the 2d Brigade, 4th Div., 23d Army Corps. During July 1863, the battery was assigned to the 2d Brigade, 1st Div., 23d Army Corps, under which it aided in pursuit of Confederate cavalry forces under Gen. John H. Morgan to Steubenville, OH. From Aug. 1863-Jan. 1864, the 19th was part of the Reserve Artillery, 23d Army Corps. Between Jan.-Apr. 1864, it was assigned to the 1st Brigade, 3d Div., 23d Army Corps. From Apr. 1864-Feb. 1865, it was assigned to the artillery, 2d Div., 23d Army Corps. The 19th Ohio Independent Battery completed the war assigned to the Dept. of North Carolina. It was mustered out, paid off, and discharged at Camp Cleveland, 28 June 1865. Losses were listed as 1 officer and 5 enlisted men dead from hostile causes and 1 officer and 17 enlisted men from disease.


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Finding aid for the Nineteenth Ohio Battery Association Records. WRHS.


Tracie, Theodore C. Annals of the Nineteenth Ohio Battery Volunteer Artillery (1878).



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