The 107TH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY REGIMENT, 1862-65, also known as the “5th German Regiment,” was a Union, three-year regiment composed largely of immigrant Germans from Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. It was organized at Camp Taylor in Cleveland (see CIVIL WAR CAMPS IN CLEVELAND) in the summer of 1862 and mustered into federal service on 9 Sept. 

The regiment was transferred from Cleveland to Covington, KY, serving there until October. After a short period of duty at Delaware, OH, it was sent to man the defenses at Washington, DC, and assigned to the 2d Brigade, 3d Div., 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, in October. It served with this unit until December.

The regiment participated in the Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg campaigns of the CIVIL WAR. In August of 1863, the regiment was transferred from the Army of the Potomac to the Department of the South. While there it assisted in the destruction of the Charleston & Savannah Railroad. The 107th was mustered out at Charleston, SC, on 10 July 1865 and its men discharged and paid off at Camp Cleveland shortly thereafter. The unit lost 3 officers and 54 enlisted men to battle; 2 officers and 74 enlisted to disease. 

One of the regimental surgeons, Dr. Charles Hartman, was mortally wounded on 2 May 1863 at the battle of Chancellorsville. His last, touching letter to his wife was published in The Adams Sentinel newspaper from Gettysburg, PA and can be read HERE, on the first page, fourth column. 

On 4 Sept, 1887, the State of Ohio erected a monument to the 107th on the battlefield at Gettysburg. The monument lists the principle engagements fought in, its commanding officers, and a detailed description of the unit’s movements at Gettysburg. 


Unit Assignments:

2d Brigade, 3d Div., 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac Sept. 1862 - Dec. 1862
2d Brigade, 1st Div., 11th Army Corps Dec. 1862 - July 1863
1st Brigade, 2st Div., 22th Army Corps July - Aug. 1863
1st Brigade, Gordon's Div., 10th Army Corps, Dept. of the South Aug. 1863 - Jan. 1864
2d Brigade, Gordon's Div., 10th Army Corps Jan. - Feb. 1864
1st Brigade, Ames' Div., District of Florida, Dept. of the South Feb. - Apr. 1864
District of Florida Apr. - Oct. 1864
4th Separate Brigade, District of Florida, Dept. of the South Oct. 1864
1st Brigade, Coast Div., Dept. of the South Nov. 1864
4th Separate Brigade, Dept. of the South Dec. 1864 - Jan. 1865
1st Separate Brigade, Northern District, Dept. of the South Jan. - Mar. 1865
1st Separate Brigade, District of Charleston, Dept. of the South Mar. - July 1865


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Smith, Jacob. Camps and Campaigns of the 107th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry from August 1862 to July 1865 (ca. 1910).

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