PICKANDS, JAMES S. (15 Dec. 1839-14 July 1896), cofounder of PICKANDS MATHER & CO., was born in Akron, Ohio, the son of Rev. James D. and Louisa Pickands. He moved to Cleveland, and left his cashier job to enlist in the 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry in 1861, eventually becoming 1st sergeant before being mustered out in Aug. 1861. Pickands became a major in the 124TH OVI in 1862, was seriously wounded at the Battle of New Hope Church, Ga. (May 1864), recovered in time to be present at the battle of Nashville, Tenn. (Dec. 1864), and was promoted to colonel in June 1865.

In 1867, Pickands moved to Marquette, Mich., where, with Clevelander Jay C. Morse, he opened a hardware store, supplying iron ore-mining companies. In 1870, he added a coal-fuel business. By 1875, Pickands was mayor of Marquette, and in 1880 formed Taylor Iron Co. with Jay Morse. His wife, Caroline Martha Outhwaite, whom he married in 1870, died in 1882 at Marquette, and Pickands moved back to Cleveland, forming Pickands Mather & Co. with SAMUEL MATHER in 1883. He became president of Western Reserve Natl. Bank, the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, and the Military Committee in charge of dedicating SOLDIERS & SAILORS MONUMENT (1894). Pickands married Seville Hanna, MARCUS HANNA's sister, in 1887. His health began failing in 1895, and he died at home a year later. He raised 3 sons with his first wife: Joseph, Henry S., and Jay M. Henry took over his father's partnership; Jay worked for the company until his death in 1913. Pickands died in Cleveland and was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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