PIEN, WEI TIEN (10 July 1926 - 2 April 1999) was a leader in Greater Cleveland's CHINESE-American community (See ) and a physician who ran a family medical practice. He was born in Mukden, Manchuria,, in the northeast corner of China, to Xing-Ling (Shao) and Pei-Bing Pien. After graduating from medical school in Mukden in the late 1940s, Dr. Pien moved to Taipei, Taiwan, where he served his medical internship. In the early 1950s, he came to the United States for further training. He returned to Taiwan and opened a private practice, married Sze Ming and had two children: Richard and Lily (Frost). In 1958 he immigrated to the United States with his family. He served a residency at Essex County Sanitarium in New Jersey before coming to Cleveland in 1964. Pien ran a family medical practice in Chardon for 34 years and was a pioneer member of the Geauga Hospital medical staff.

Pien volunteered most Sundays during the 1990s at an office in Cleveland's Chinatown, where he treated poor and elderly Chinese patients. In 1994 he was presented with the Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Cleveland's Distinguished Service award in recognition of his work with the indigent. In 1995 Geauga Hospital honored him for his service, and the Ohio State Medical Association lauded him for his 50 years as a physician. Dr. Pien died at MERIDIA HILLCREST HOSPITAL in MAYFIELD HEIGHTS and is buried in Chardon Municipal Cemetery.

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