Announcing the finalists for 2023 Morgenthaler-Pavey Startup Competition

Congratulations Finalists! Morgenthaler-Pavey Startup Competition

We were thrilled with the interest in the Morgenthaler-Pavey Startup Competition this year and hit record numbers of applications. Please join us in congratulating the 5 finalists for each track of the competition, listed in alphabetical order by last name. Alumni are listed with their graduating year.

Venture Track

Kuan Huang (GRS '22, civil engineering), Aropha Inc.

Franco Kraiselburd, Asclepii | Meet Franco

Matthew McPheeters (CWR ’12, GRS ’13, PHD ’21) and Steven Burns (CWR '11, MEM ’11), Lighthanded Enterprises

Alexander Richards, Connor Riegal and Zac Schulman, POMD: A Social Studying System | Meet the team

David Suh (CWR '22), Lumilin Therapeutics | Hear from David

Idea Track

Kevin Arndt, Amy Budzichowski, Maya Kapur, Sonia Kim, Bhavya Krishna, Parshva Sanghvi, Retflix

Nicholas Bank, The GEARx Collaborative

Amos Langsner, ReJunk

Emmanuel Makoye and Ithabeleng MakhethaSokoni Company | Hear from Emmanuel

Ila Mishra, Anti-asprosin Antibody: Therapeutic for Treatment of Obesity

Social Impact Track

Tanvir Hasan, Sonali Bag

Hannah Jackson and Bhavya Krishna, Open Mind | Meet the team

Isaac Karim and Alan Ly, LVAD ToughBelt | Meet the team

Ibrahim Quagraine, Cocoa Potash | Meet Ibrahim

Stephanie Leon Quinonez, Bioscientifico | Meet Stephanie

Research Track

Ilaha Isali, Bladder Patch for the Treatment of Obstetric Fistula

Rohit Jain and Nanak Dhillon (CWR '22), Case Center for Biomarker Structure and Integration for Sensors (BioSIS) | Hear from Rohit

Jennings Luu, Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc. | Hear from Jennings

Millan Patel, Voice Analytics for Pathology Tracking | Meet the team

Brandon Sassouni, Immortal Biology


We hope that those who were not selected this time continue to engage with the Veale Institute through our entrepreneurial programming, fellowships, and speaker events—and that they all apply next year!