Reporting to Police

When someone seeks support from the Office for Equity due to an experience of sexual harassment or sexual violence, Equity's goal is to support that person as much as possible. This means that the Office for Equity will NEVER compel anyone to report their situation to the Case Western Reserve University police, or any other police department.

If the person seeking support wants the person who subjected them to sexual harassment or sexual violence to go to jail, or be criminally prosecuted for breaking the law, the Office for Equity will share information with the person about how to achieve that outcome - which, if making sure the other person is criminally prosecuted - means that a report would need to be made to the appropriate police department. To support those who need help, the Office for Equity will identify options and resources consistent with what the person seeking support says they want. For some people, to achieve what they want, they will need to make a report to the police. Equity will never require them to go to the police, but, if asked, will assist with connecting a person to the police, if that is what the person wants. 

People who experience sexual violence on campus may choose to contact the Case Western Reserve University Police Department. If requested, the Office for Equity will support a person by facilitating that connection. 

If the Office for Equity learns information that a member of the CWRU community may be in physical danger, the Office for Equity may share information with the CWRU Police to ensure the safety of the campus and the people on it. 

Case Western Reserve University Police

  • Phone: 216.368.5993
  • Contact Person: Detective Daniel Schemmel
  • Anonymous Reports can be made at