Supportive Measures

The Office for Equity supports members of the CWRU community impacted by sexual harassment or sexual violence, whether a person who needs support experienced that conduct recently, in the past or is accused of that conduct, or any person who may be experiencing retaliation or who is supporting someone impacted by sexual harassment or sexual violence. 

When the Office for Equity learns that a member of the CWRU community may have experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence, or may be accused of engaging in that conduct, the Office for Equity will promptly reach out, usually by email, to offer various kinds of support that are immediately available on a no-questions-asked, no-strings-attached basis. Support consists of non-disciplinary, non-punitive, free of charge individualized services designed to enable persons impacted by sexual harassment to continue to do well academically, socially and professionally. Support is designed to help people feel safe enough to continue their success at CWRU. Some support is designed to prevent further conduct which might violate the Sexual Harassment Policy and/or deter harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation.

Support takes many forms and depends on the specific situation of the person receiving the support. Here are some examples of support provided by the Office for Equity: 

  • No Contact Directives (preventing contact between two people)
  • Changes in living arrangements (new housing location, new floor, transfer to on campus living, transfer off campus)
  • Preventing a person from being in certain locations  
  • Excused absences from school or work
  • Referral to counseling, medical, and/or other healthcare services
  • Referral to the Employee Assistance Program - Impact Solutions
  • Referral to community-based mental health, victim advocacy service providers
  • Education to the community or community subgroup(s)
  • Altering work arrangements for employees or student-employees, including schedule changes
  • Safety planning
  • Providing campus safety escorts
  • Providing transportation accommodations
  • Parking accommodations 
  • Academic support, extensions of deadlines, or other course/program-related adjustments
  • Information about the Equity investigation or resolution process
  • Class schedule modifications, withdrawals, or leaves of absence
  • Increased security and monitoring of certain areas of the campus
  • Any other actions deemed appropriate by the Title IX Coordinator or designee

To obtain supportive measures, contact the Office for Equity. The Office for Equity will ask if you are impacted by sexual harassment or sexual violence. Once you answer "Yes" to that question, the Office for Equity will work with you to identify appropriate support, including informing your of your options (investigation or no investigation, or alternative resolution) so that, when you are ready, you are able to make the choice that is best for you.