Tips for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members are required to report all forms of sexual misconduct and gender discrimination to the Office of Equity. These include sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and discrimination based on an individual’s gender.

When sexual misconduct or gender discrimination is reported to you:

  1. Let the reporting individual know that you are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct and gender discrimination to the University Title IX Coordinator or Designated Reporting Representative;
  2. Ask the individual "What is the best way for the Office of Equity to contact you?" especially in instance of intimate partner violence;
  3. Provide a list of confidential resources for the reporting individual;
  4. Support the individual, offer help, and provide options. Suggest and recommend, but do not mandate. Validate the reporting individual’s feelings;
  5. It is alright if the student would like you to serve as their support person or adviser in our process as long as there is not a conflict of interest;
  6. Respect the privacy of the reporting individual. Do not discuss the information shared with you to anyone outside of the Title IX Coordinator;
  7. Contact the Office of Equity.

Things to avoid:

  • Conducting an independent investigation;
  • Notifying the responding party of the report;
  • Attempting to mediate the issue;
  • Discouraging the reporting party from filing a report; and
  • Asking bias or weighted questions that could be viewed as blaming.