Dan Whalen (CWR ’10, MGT ’14)
Dan Whalen reflects gratefully on the scholarships that helped pave his way to two Case Western Reserve degrees: a provost’s special scholarship during his undergraduate studies and another award supporting his MBA work at the Weatherhead School of Management.

“Both were instrumental in my attending CWRU at all, as I likely wouldn't have been able to afford the costs of school without them,” he said.

Financial assistance not only gave Whalen access to a world-class education, but he also played quarterback on one of the most successful football teams in university history. The competition and camaraderie led to lasting bonds with teammates.

Whalen made his first contribution to the Annual Fund in 2015, proudly giving back to the university that gave him so much. “Everything goes hand in hand,” he explained. “None of my Case Western Reserve experiences would have happened without scholarships created through the support of donors and alumni.”