Keith Otuomagie (CWR ’01)
I was born and raised in a suburb from the South. However, I always had this innate desire to see different parts of the US and the world. Receiving admission and scholarship aid from CWRU helped me to fulfill one of my childhood dreams. First of all, I was able to live abroad in Spain for the entire academic year. The university resources facilitated the transfer from an academic and financial perspective.

More importantly, I was able to apply and win the Fulbright Scholarship to Japan. The Dean Emerita of Undergraduate Studies, Margaret Robinson, was able to channel my innate desire to win the fellowship and served as a mentor from the conception of my application to submission. I won the scholarship and the rest is history.

I understand the significance and value of my CWRU experience more and more as time passes. I show my appreciation by volunteering my time as a Board Member for the CWRU New York Alumni Association. I also give to the Annual Fund. I know that the university education will serve as a pillar for any alumnus’ career pursuits. At the same time, graduates should not be burdened by the financial costs associated with higher education. If you are ever lucky to experience success in your life, you should look back and provide a helping hand to anyone in need. In conclusion, I just want to say…

Thank you, Case Western Reserve!