Academic Representatives

Get in Touch with Your Academic Representative

You are responsible for contacting the appropriate faculty member and your advisor to ensure you will receive credit for courses taken abroad. This process can be completed with the course approval form.

A list of department representatives is below, and additional information is available through Undergraduate Studies' guide.

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Department Representative
Accounting Tiffany Welch
Aerospace Engineering Dwight Davy
American Studies Renée Sentilles
Anthropology Lawrence Greska
Art Education Timothy Shuckerow
Art History Noelle Giuffrida Armhold
Art Studio Timothy Shuckerow
Artificial Intelligence Soumya Ray
Asian Studies Jia-Chen Fu
Astronomy Earle Luck
Banking and Finance Tiffany Welch
Biochemistry David Samols
Biology Richard Drushel
Biomedical Engineering Dustin Tyler
Business Management Jim Hurley
Chemical Engineering Mohan Sankaran
Chemistry Greg Tochtrop
Childhood Studies Jill Korbin
Chinese Haomin (James) Gong
Civil Engineering David Zeng
Classics Paul Iversen
Cognitive Science Todd Oakley
Communications Sciences Lee Thompson
Computer Engineering Swarup Bhunia
Computer Gaming Marc Buchner
Computer Science Michael Lewicki
Dance Karen Potter
Economics Jim Hurley
Electrical Engineering Cenk Cavusoglu
Electronics Cenk Cavusoglu
Engineering General Credit Kathleen Ballou
Engineering Physics Michael Martens
English Christopher Flint
Environmental Geology Gerald Matisoff
Environmental Studies Peter McCall
Ethnic Studies Gilbert Doho
Evolutionary Biology Patricia Princehouse
Film Robert Spadoni
French Gilbert Doho
French and Francophone Studies Cheryl Toman
Geological Sciences Gerald Matisoff
German Margaretmary Daley
German Studies Ken Ledford
Gerontologocial Studies Gary Deimling
Health Communication Kyra Rothenberg
History Gillian Weiss
History and Philosophy of Science Colin Mclarty
Italian Denise Caterinacci
Japanese Linda Ehrlich
Judaic Studies Judith Neulander
Management Jim Hurley
Materials Science and Engineering Mark DeGuire
Mathematics Christopher Butler
Mathematics and Physics Michael Hurley
Mechanical Engineering Dwight Dary
Music Matthew Garrett
Music Education Kathleen Horvath
Natural Sciences Peter Whiting
Nursing Jesse Honsky
Nutrition James Swain
Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism Mary Beth Kavanagh
Philosophy Laura Hengehold
Physics Gary Chottiner
Political Science Karen Beckwith
Polymer Science and Engineering David Schiraldi
Pre-Architecture Timothy Shuckerow
Psychology Lee Thompson
Public Policy Joe White
Sociology Susan Hinze and Mary Erdmans
Spanish Damaris Puñales Alpizar and Cristián Gómez Olivares
Sports Medicine Jessica White
Statistics Patricia Williamson
Systems and Control Engineering Marc Buchner
Systems Biology Robin Snyder
Theater Jeffrey Ullom
Women's and Gender Studies Cheryl Toman
World Literature Florin Berindeanu