Annual March Madness “BARK-It” fundraiser puts pets in the spotlight

The Dental Class of 2022 Student Council invites you to show off your furry/feathery/scaly friends in its March Madness “BARK-It” fundraiser, with proceeds benefiting the senior year banquet.

If you have a pet of any kind (cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles—all are welcome!) and think they’re the cutest, coolest, most awesome pet in the whole Health Education Campus, enter them into the competition by sending a photo and brief information.

All submissions will be randomized into a bracket similar to March Madness. The brackets will be shared and updated regularly. 

Throughout the month, pets will “compete” against other pets in multiple rounds of competition. Rounds will open and close at specified times. In order to "vote," you must submit Venmo payment to @dmdclass2022 with the name of the pet you wish to support within the specified time frame of each round. Votes are 50 cents each and unlimited per round, but they do not carry over to the next round. Anyone is welcome to vote, even if you have not submitted a pet of your own. The pet with the most votes in the bracket will advance to the next round, until reaching the final bracket, which will determine the winner.

Submit your pet information and photo between now and Sunday, Feb. 28, at noon. Submission is free. The first round of the BARK-It fundraiser will begin promptly on Monday, March 1.

Prizes are:

  • 1st Prize: $100 Amazon gift card
  • 2nd Prize: $75 Amazon gift card
  • 3rd Prize: $50 Amazon gift card
  • 4th Prize: $25 Amazon gift card 
  • BONUS: We will be raffling off 25 $10 Target gift cards for any participant to win, including pet owners and voters.