Student Spotlight: Eduardo Santos

Eduardo Santos

For Eduardo Santos, a third-year DMD student at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, a passion for dentistry is personal.

After his grandfather, who lived in South America, neglected to get a stent replacement, he eventually died of an infection that was periodontal in origin.

“Bacteria reached the valve where the stent was, which caused a heart attack, and he passed from the episode,” Santos explained. 

After considering that experience, Santos sprung into action—committed to educating patients about the importance of dentistry and its holistic impact on health.

“I find that I am most passionate when I get to share my experiences with others,” Santos said. “Whether it be patients, family, friends, etc., I have been blessed with talents and passions, and they tend to come out in these instances to inspire myself and others alike.”

After graduation next year, Santos hopes to complete a one-year residency through the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) National Health Service Corps program, of which he is a scholarship recipient. He then plans to serve HRSA in an area of the country where he can use his Spanish language skills to serve the Hispanic community.

During his time at Case Western Reserve, Santos has not just developed his dental skills; he’s also focused on the entrepreneurial side of the field as vice president of the student-led group Business in Dentistry. 

“Tapping into our entrepreneurial minds in dentistry is so important because it allows us to tackle a need in society,” Santos said.

“There are so many avenues [in dentistry], and it is the job of us clinician/entrepreneurs to establish our practices to find those demands and needs in our community.”