Student Spotlight: Kevin Dobbins

Kevin Dobbins

Class Year: 2023

Program Major: Doctor of Dental Medicine

Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine fourth-year student Kevin Dobbins sees excellent patient care as a central focus of dentistry—and it’s what drew him to the profession in the first place. 

“When I was in the eighth grade, [we were encouraged to complete] 100 hours of community service,” said Dobbins. “The first place I thought of was my pediatric dentist.”

Compelled by how his dentist interacted with patients, Dobbins watched her calm children’s fears, respectfully correct any misinformation surrounding their oral care and provide a peaceful environment. 

“I witnessed patients who were just as afraid as I was when I first visited the dentist,” Dobbins explained. “My dentist provided adequate information to the parents without making a child scared—that stuck with me. From then on, I decided that I wanted to pursue dentistry.”

While attending a couple of pre-dental days at the School of Dental Medicine during his undergraduate years, Dobbins had the chance to speak with dental students about their experiences. Through those interactions, he knew Case Western Reserve University would be a great fit for his dental education.

And, while it hasn’t always been easy, Dobbins has taken note of how his time at the School of Dental Medicine has shaped himself and his classmates. 

“Dental school is a mentally tough four years, but one of the most gratifying things for me has been to see how everyone has grown over the years.”

After graduation, Dobbins plans to use his strong passion for treating children and pursue post-graduate training in pediatric dentistry.