CCGS presents: Celso Machado Concert

Celso Machado, smiling with guitar held close
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Virtuoso Brazilian guitarist and percussionist Celso Machado brings joy to his audiences with his subtle mixture of musical inspiration and irresistible rhythm. He finds similarities between the music of southern Italy and northeast Brazil, the Egyptian Maqsoum and the Brazilian Baiao rhythm, the Moroccan Gnawa rhythm, Afoxé, and Samba. Celso incorporates these influences into his own sound, his own unique contribution to the ongoing evolution of Brazilian music. Considered one of the most versatile and exciting musician-composers of Brazilian music today, his guitar technique is but one of his passions; his gift for making music out of anything and everything around us is his mission in life.  

"Celso Machado is a samba school unto himself". Les Cahiers de la Guitare