George M. Cohan, The Man Who Owned Broadway

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Celebrating the Father of Musical Comedy (co-produced with American Musical Productions)

What was America feeling at the dawn of the 20th century?  Protean songwriter-performer-director-producer George M. Cohan had his finger on the pulse of this so-called American Century.  Immortalized on film by James Cagney, the legendary Cohan emblazoned his signature with hundreds of songs including "You're a Grand Old Flag," "Over There" and "Yankee Doodle Boy."  His story cracks open a crucial time capsule.

This performance includes a multi-media presentation with live professional singers and chorus accompanied by a full orchestra. 

Co-hosted by American Musical Productions acclaimed conductor Joseph Rubin and TMTP's Artistic Director, Bill Rudman.

Co-produced by The Musical Theater Project and American Musical Productions