Ian Maksin sits on stage beside cello
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When words fail, music continues to speak. In light of the recent world events, Ian Maksin has decided to continue his Cello for Peace Tour.  In these concerts he will perform music from his most recent release "Amor Renatus" (Rebirth of Love) as well as love songs in Arabic and Hebrew, Farsi and Ladino,  Turkish and Armenian, Ukrainian and Russian in an attempt to reunite the world and create peace through music. Portion of the proceeds from ticket and CD sales will be donated to humanitarian relief funds that help civilians in areas affected by war. 

BREAKING BOUNDARIES both musical and geographical, cellist, composer and multilingual vocalist IAN MAKSIN has created his own unique musical Metaverse by blending classical, jazz, and world music and by drawing inspiration from very diverse and eclectic musical sources, using his cello as the main unifying force and taking the listener along on this magical journey beyond space and time. 

ONE-MAN ORCHESTRA: Ian Maksin uses the loop pedal and other electronic devices to augment the sound of the cello and turn it into a virtual orchestra.

SINGING IN 30 LANGUAGES: What began as a hobby and a passion for linguistics and travel has become part of a unique concert experience. At this time Ian Maksin sings in 30 languages including Ukrainian, Russian, English, Farsi, Armenian, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Mongolian, Bambara (one of the tongues spoken in West Africa) and many other exotic languages. 

THE GLOBAL MUSICIAN: Most of this repertoire was amassed by Maksin during his world travels, jam sessions and collaborations with local musicians. Many of his original songs and instrumental compositions are also infused with flavors of ethnic music from countries and regions where he drew inspiration from: Mongolia, West Africa, Middle East, the Balkans, Andalusian flamenco.