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After an extraordinary success in 2022, raising money for over 2.2 million meals, join the Akshaya Patra USA’s  Cleveland Chapter, in collaboration with the Case Hinduism Club, for an enchanting evening of musical bliss. Featuring exceptional talents – Tanmay Chaturvedi, Shobhana Shankar, and Varsha Joshi – indulge in captivating melodies transcending boundaries, underpinned by a profound purpose. Your presence ensures an unforgettable musical encounter and supports our mission to nurture young minds through education and nourishment. Secure your place in this symphony of compassion and cultural enrichment.

Tanmay Chaturvedi, a virtuoso artist, has dedicated over 14 years to the art of singing. Rooted in the prestigious Lucknow-Senia Gharana, his journey showcases an unwavering commitment to his craft. A master of classical music, Tanmay holds a Bachelor's degree in music and boasts expertise in playing 11 distinct musical instruments. His radiance has graced over 500 performances, captivating audiences not only on a national scale but also across international borders. From London to Bangkok, Australia to New Zealand, Fiji, and beyond, Tanmay's enthralling performances have left an indelible mark. Notably, his collaboration with renowned music director Vishal-Shekhar on the song "Hum to hai Aandhi" for the movie "Bhoothnath" in 2009 stands as a testament to his exceptional talent. His remarkable contributions were duly recognized with the esteemed Rajeev Gandhi Excellency Award in 2009.

Tanmay is a Bollywood playback singer, SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs 2008-2009 season 2nd runner up as well as 2018-2019 SaReGaMaPa season 1st runner up. 

The Akshaya Patra Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to a noble cause. As the world's largest NGO school meal program, it endeavors to provide warm, nutritious lunches to over 2.3 million children across 22,000 schools in India daily. This noble mission plays a pivotal role in nurturing the future generation, ensuring their growth and development. Across the shores of the United States, Akshaya Patra USA, a nonprofit organization, unites countless volunteers and donors to champion the foundation's vision. With nationwide chapters spanning various states, their tireless efforts raise funds and awareness, making a significant difference in the lives of children. Through these dedicated initiatives, more children in India gain access to nourishing meals, creating a conducive environment for their overall growth and education.

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