Case/UC Symphony Orchestra Virtual Concert I

Case/University Circle  orchestra members playing instruments
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The Case/University Circle Symphony Orchestra (MUEN 385) is open to all Case Western Reserve University students, faculty, and community members by audition who play a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instruments and who desire to perform in a high level ensemble.  The group rehearses twice per week for a total of 90 minutes and performs 5 to 7 concerts per academic year.  The repertoire is drawn from standard orchestral literature comprised of symphonies, overtures, suites, etc.  as well as other more contemporary genres such a Rock and Jazz.  The ensemble also works in collaboration with the Case Concert Choir, Case Jazz ensembles, and other University Circle affiliated groups.

Introit for Strings -- Vincent Persichetti ( 1915 - 1987 )
Rounds for String Orchestra -- David Diamond ( 1915 - 2005 )
Movement 1:  Allegro                   

Serenade for String Orchestra -- Dag Wiren ( 1905 - 1986 )
I.  Preludium
II.  Andante Expressivo                 
Lady Radnor Suite -- Hubert Parry ( 1848 - 1918 )
I.  Prelude
II.  Allemande
III.  Sarabande
IV.  Bouree
VI.  Gigue                

Brook Green Suite -- Gustav Holst ( 1874 - 1934 )
1.  Prelude
3.  Dance

Trio in G Major -- Wilhelm Friedrich Bach ( 1710 - 1784 )
Woodwind Trio
Larghetto cantabile

Simple Symphony -- Benjamin Britten (1913 - 1976 )
I.  Boisterous Bouree
IV.  Frolicsome Finale

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