Cleveland Chamber Symphony

Groups of people on stage with some with instruments in hand and some dancing

Cleveland Chamber Symphony performs Sunday, April 7, 2019 5:00 p.m.

The Cleveland Chamber Symphony performance will include works by the Cleveland Composers Guild set for dance by Cleveland's Verb Ballets. This performance is part of the NEOSonicFest - A Northeast Ohio New Music Festival.

Ensemble Bio

Since 1980, under the founding leadership, Dr. Edwin London, the Cleveland Chamber Symphony has steadily climbed to the summit of new music’s Mount Olympus.  Thanks to its unique mission and vision to commission, perform, record and promote the dissemination of musical works exclusively by composers of our time, no other institution has contributed so much to advancing the art of contemporary primarily American music.

Guests Verb Ballets performs with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony

Guests Verb Ballets performs with CCS (2012)

The musicians of the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, along with its artistic and administrative leadership, have developed an extraordinary set of skills required to meet the ever advancing evolution of musical language and challenges of institutional development in these competitive times.  The Cleveland Chamber Symphony would have been the envy of many of the “great masters” who often had difficulty in obtaining authoritative renditions and public appreciation of their “new music” in their own time!

Artistic Director

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