Cleveland Chamber Choir presents OF SOUND MIND: FROM DARKNESS INTO LIGHT

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Of Sound Mind: From Darkness into Light explores the universality of grief and sorrow, helping us to embrace our common humanity in the struggles we individually and collectively experience. With Aron Accurso’s You Are Enough: A Mental Health Suite as a centerpiece, the concert features discussions within the framework of the composers’ specific experiences.

The world was united in shared trauma and collective grief by the COVID-19 pandemic. Those of us in the choral world were uniquely impacted. But through our art we are also uniquely able to tell our stories, to unmask our voices, to raise a song for those who have no song to raise, and to offer hope for light and harmony anew.

Other featured composers on the concert include Lelia Adu-Gilmore, Giulio De Carlo, Elaine Hagenberg, Shawn Kirchner, Cecilia McDowall, Corey K. Rubin, and Eric Whitacre.

The Cleveland Chamber Choir provides audiences with exceptional performances of unique and diverse repertoire, blending music by living composers with six centuries of choral repertoire. Addressing relevant issues and universal emotions through music and poetry of profound beauty, this world-class ensemble of professional voices offers a vibrant, dynamic, and thought-provoking listening experience in some of Northeast Ohio’s most stunning venues.