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Violins of Hope - Even in the midst of the unspeakable evil of the Holocaust, there was music. In the ghettos and the camps, music was a source of comfort, hope and resistance - a way for the Jews to express themselves and prevent the Nazis from stripping them of their humanity. Some of the Violins of Hope, violins played by Jewish musicians during the holocaust, have been located and restored and this concert gives viewers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear the violins played by world-class musicians, to see them in a stunning exhibition and to learn their individual stories.

ChamberFest Cleveland - Part of the 2018-2019 Silver Hall Concert Series, ChamberFest Cleveland's Principal, Frank Cohen, Violinists Alina Kobialka and Claire Bourg, Violist Grace Takeda, Cellist Oliver Herbert, played three pieces: Johann Sebastian Bach's Inventions arr. for Violin and Cello, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Quintet in A major for Clarinet and Strings, K. 581, and Johannes Brahms Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op, 115. In this video, you can view Mozart's Quintet in A major for Clarinet and Strings, K. 581 in full.

Hey Mavis - As part of the LIVE! streamed @ Silver Hall series, local group Hey Mavis performed a livestreamed concert while our hall was empty.