Brandon DeClouette

Brandon Decloutette

MS in Anatomy, Class of 2018
1st year Med School student 

Prior Education: University of Wisconsin, BS
Hometown: Chicago, IL 
Major: Psychology, pre-med track

Why I Chose MS in Anatomy at CWRU
After finishing my undergraduate program with a degree in psychology, I ultimately decided that I wanted to go down the medical route. I consider several different post baccalaureate programs, but this particular one caught my attention because at the end of the two years I would be receiving a master’s degree rather than just a certificate. Now being a graduate of the program, I can say that this program was the best preparation for medical school. I had the amazing opportunity to TA in gross anatomy and histology, I was able to work alongside medical students at the CWRU’s SOM, it was great preparation for the MCAT, and I loved the advice I received from the great faculty.

After Graduation
With the help of this program, I have now completed my first year of Medical School at CWRU’s School of Medicine. Even before attending medical school, right after I had graduated the program, I taught anatomy at Cleveland State University. So, not only does this program prepare you for medical school, but it also gives you the tools needed to be an effective teacher.