Idris Hanidu

Idris Handidu

MS in Anatomy, Class of 2019

Prior Education: University of Illinois in Chicago
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Kinesiology, pre-med track

Why I Chose MS in Anatomy at CWRU
Before committing to this program, I considered several other anatomy programs. For me, I’ve always been interested in the body and how it works, which is why during undergrad I majored in Kinesiology. So, I was really looking for a program that would challenge me, but ultimately give me a solid understanding of our bodies. I came across the program, while looking at other CWRU master programs, and after looking more into the program, I knew this MS in Anatomy was what I needed.

My Favorite Parts of the Program
Becoming a Teaching Assistant 

If you do well after your first year of the program, you’ll get the opportunity to TA for a class. During my undergraduate years, I had the chance to TA for an anatomy class, which I loved. So, to be able to become a TA again was amazing. What I noticed was after you go through the class once, you know the material very well but once you TA for a class you gain a deep understanding for the subject. 

The Faculty
If I could describe the faculty in one word I would definitely say knowledgeable. It seems that they know everything about everything. And, not only are they incredible smart, but they very open and willing to help you out with anything! Since the program is small, the students are able to form lasting relationships with the faculty.