Retreat Roundup 2018 Poster Prize Awards

The following scientists were recognized for the quality of their work and their presentations, with Lauren J. Donovan of the Deneris Lab at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine taking the grand prize.

Recipients Topic Abstract

Lauren J. Donovan and Evan S. Deneris


Distinct regulatory programs control ascending and descending 5-HT axonal architecture

Elizabeth Stiles, Karen M. Jaffe, David Riley, Benjamin Rossi 

Movement Disorders

Early results on preservation of motor performance in a community-based exercise program 

Ajai Tripathi, Christina Volsko and Ranjan Dutta

Myelination miR-27a inhibits maturation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells to mature oligodendrocytes

Heath Robinson, Zhibing Tan, Bin Luo, Wenbing Chen, Lin Mei

Electrophysiology DGCR2 Important functioning in anxiety within the context of the hippocampus

Alicia N. Vagnozzi and Polyxeni Philippidou

Neurodevelopment Molecular mechanisms of phrenic motor neuron development and connectivity