Center Members

The Cleveland Center for Membrane and Structural Biology (CCMSB) brings together researchers and biologists from the Cleveland area and beyond. Our collaborative efforts are aimed at bringing forward new federal grants to support research, expand shared instrumentation, and facilitate predoctoral training. 

Member Department
Focco van den Akker Biochemistry
Robert Bonomo Medicine
Walter Boron Physiology and Biophysics
Matthias Buck Physiology and Biophysics
Paul Carey Biochemistry
Cathleen Carlin Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Sudha Chakrapani Physiology and Biophysics
Mark Chance  Nutrition
Xinghong Dai Physiology and Biophysics
J. Alan Diehl Biochemistry
Chris Dealwis Pharmacology
George Dubyak Physiology and Biophysics
Paul Fox Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (LRI)
Thomas Gerken Biochemistry
Marcin Golczak Pharmacology
Eckhard Jankowsky Biochemistry
Beata Jastrebska  Pharmacology
Allison Kraus Pathology
David Lodowski Nutrition
Kenneth Matreyek Pathology
Jason Mears Pharmacology
Masaru Miyagi Pharmacology
Jun Qin CCF
Rajesh Ramachandran Physiology and Biophysics
Jiri Safar Pathology
Yogen Saunthararajah Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (LRI)
Shaun Stauffer Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (LRI)
Phoebe L. Stewart Pharmacology
Witold Surewicz Physiology and Biophysics
Nami Tajima Physiology and Biophysics
Derek Taylor Pharmacology
Blanton Tolbert Chemistry
Bingcheng Wang Medicine
Tsan Sam Xiao Pathology
Sichun Yang Nutrition
Vivien Yee Biochemistry
Edward Yu Pharmacology
Yi Zhang Biochemistry