Science & Art of Medicine, Integrated

Sciences and Art of Medicine, Integrated (SAMI) is a small group, undifferentiated-patient curriculum that occurs during the clerkship year.

Student with a standardized patient at the simulation center.

Students work together to clinically reason through an undifferentiated patient, from chief complaint through basic work-up and treatment. Throughout the session, students focus on creating detailed differential diagnoses and integrating basic and health systems science with clinical medicine to identify high-value, patient-specific care.

Each week, students uncover the patient case utilizing a standardized patient in the Simulation Center. This method allows students to receive individualized feedback on their history and physical exam skills. Each small group is facilitated by a clinician; patient encounter feedback occurs one-on-one between the student and facilitator.

Finally, SAMI provides students with an environment to continue developing their humanism through activities including reflective writing, small group discussion, and advanced communication skills.