Administrative Core

The Administrative Core of this BETRNet Research Center provides strong centralized leadership, overall coordination, and management of all Research Center (RC) activities.  The Core is responsible for facilitating, stimulating, monitoring, and maintaining scientific and financial oversight for the RC.  The Administrative Core functions as the central forum for interaction among all RC institutions, all RC faculty, the Executive Committee, the Steering Committee, and the Advisory Board.  The Core provides the central mechanism for monitoring progress and evaluating performance of all RC components.  The Core also serves as the arena for one of the key functions of the RC: the development of pilot projects, cross-BETRNet pilots, and all other cross-BETRNet activities.  

The Administrative Core maintains liaisons between all institutions involved with the RC, the Data Coordinating Center, other Research Centers in the BETRNet, other research consortia such as EERN and CPN, and the NCI.  The Core oversees all annual budgets, monitor expenses and provide monthly statements of financial activities to the components of the RC. All program-related meetings are scheduled through the Core.  Lastly, the Administrative Core prepares, generates, and assembles materials required for annual progress reports and ensures that any additional NIH/NCI or institutional reporting requirements related to the RC are fulfilled in a timely and appropriate manner.

administrative image of gears turning to show relationship between the various cores

Admin Core Key Personnel

Admin Core Leader: Amitabh Chak, M.D.
Admin Core Co-Leader: Kishore Guda, DVM, Ph.D.
Admin Core Advisor: Nathan Berger, M.D.
Admin Core Statistician: Jill Barnholtz-Sloan, Ph.D.
BETRNet Administrator: Tracy Krebs
Lead Research Coordinator: Wendy Brock, R.N.