Student Program Requirements

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The following items are taken directly from the CWRU MSSRP Training Checklist.

As a CWRU MSSRP student, you are required to complete the following steps before the start of your summer research project:

  • Identify a CWRU MSSRP faculty mentor and feasible 12-week summer research project.
  • Submit a student’s research proposal (~1000 words) and program application by March 1 (date is subject to change).
  • All required regulatory training (you can find more information about regulatory training under the Regulatory Requirements tab).
  • Identify and set defined expectations with the mentor for the summer research experience.
  • Complete any required IRB or IACUC applications for research involving humans or vertebrate animals.
  • Work with mentor to clearly identify your SPECIFIC ROLE(S) in the project.


  • As a CWRU MSSRP student, you are required to meet the following standards for program participation for the duration of the program:
  • Complete a 5-min oral presentation on your proposed research to the faculty for feedback and critique.
  • Complete IBMS 500 course “On Being a Professional Scientist” (15hrs, Responsible Conduct of Research).
  • Complete any required training for research involving humans, vertebrate animals, lab safety or radioisotopes.
  • Spend at least 40 hrs per week engaged in active research.
  • Participate in all team activities associated with your mentor’s research (group meetings, journal clubs, etc.).
  • Participate in the CWRU MSSRP 1-day short-course on NIDDK-related research methodologies.
  • Participate in weekly Journal Club.
  • Meet with faculty mentor and Program Director weekly to review progress and receive direction.