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Digestive Health Research Institute's T35, "The Case Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP)" (T35DK111373)

Program Overview

The overall goal of the Case Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP) is to promote the career development of physician-scientists who will choose biomedical investigation as an essential component of their long-term professional development, with a particular focus on the mission areas of the NIDDK and NIDDK-related research. These include digestive and liver diseases, diabetes, metabolism and nutrition, kidney diseases, and digestive, liver, and kidney imaging technologies. The program will educate medical students using a mentor-based research approach over a 12-week training period between the first and second years of medical school. A summer stipend of $6,786.00 will be provided to all Case MSSRP trainees for their work during this 12-week period. Though the program lasts 12 weeks, it is the Digestive Health Research Institute’s goal to support Case MSSRP students in continuing their research after the program ends.

Co-Principal Investigators

Fabio Cominelli, MD, PhD

Theresa Pizarro, PhD

Exposure and Expectations

During this Case MSSRP program, medical students will be exposed to:

  • 15 hours of classroom instruction on the Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Institutional training in vertebrate animals, IRB, and radioisotopes
  • 1 day short course on NIDDK-focused research methods & advanced techniques
  • Weekly summer journal club
  • 12-week summer research experience

After completion of this Case MSSRP program, medical students shall be able to:

  • Write a research proposal
  • Orally present a research proposal
  • Demonstrate knowledge of technical laboratory skills
  • Submit abstract of research findings
  • Prepare a poster and/or oral presentation for Irwin H. LePow Medical Student Research Day
  • Present a poster at Department of Medicine Research Day

Duration & Timing

The Case MSSRP is focused on a short-term summer research experience comprised of 12 weeks of full-time effort (40 hrs per week) where trainees perform original research under the guidance of a Case MSSRP faculty mentor.

To Apply

If you are interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity, please review the provided information throughout this website and contact your desired mentor to schedule an appointment to meet with them. Once an agreed-upon research project has been determined, please complete the Case MSSRP Application in the Application tab.