Developmental Research Program

The overall objective of the BETRNet Developmental Research Program (DRP) is to develop innovative and diverse approaches to focus on Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma translational research across the spectrum from etiology through prevention, screening, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

The DRP will provide:

  1. Financial support,
  2. Bioinformatic support
  3. Resources, and
  4. Intellectual oversight and advice for pilot research projects and investigators.

Within-center and Cross Center Pilot Projects will be solicited, reviewed and awarded by the BETRNet Steering Committee on a merit basis with evaluation criteria based on scientific merit, impact, significance, innovation, transdisciplinary characteristics, translational potential, with great significance attached to the potential for the contribution to enhance and extend BETRNet projects as well as the potential for developing into independent research projects.

In addition, cross-center pilot projects will consider potential contribution of applications to increase sample size, provide complementary skills, resources and/or expertise or collaborations with other BETRNet Research Centers or other multi-institutional cooperative groups. Emphasis will be placed on supporting new investigators as well as established investigators with new approaches. For meritorious proposals from individual basic or clinical investigators, the DRP leadership group will identify complementary translational investigators to serve as advisors.

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DRP Key Personnel

Core Leader: Nathan Berger, M.D.
Core Co-Leader, Clinical Science: Amitabh Chak, M.D.
Core Co-Leader, Basic Science: Sanford Markowitz, M.D., Ph.D.