From the Director: New Eyes

Man seated in a chair holding a baby above his head. Man and baby are smiling at each other.

Looking deeply into the eyes of new life generates a sense of hope, humility, and responsibility.

Hope of intergenerational regeneration.  Of the possibility that things don’t have to be as they are now.  That we ― individually and collectively ― can put more energy into the generative sides of our human nature, and less in our dark sides, to remold our collective story away from greed, anger, and fear, toward generosity, empathy, and assurance.

Humility in recognizing that however important our part in a hopeful future story, it is only a part. The problems that many of us are trying to address ― including inequity, fragmentation, inhumanity ― will not be resolved in a single lifetime, but are part of a longer, very uneven evolution in individual and collective development. 

Responsibility to leave things a bit better for the next generation by being trustworthy in our interactions with each other and our environment.

The Center for Community Health Integration is committed to an approach based on hope, humility and responsibility. In our strategic planning, we recognize that we are but one of many players in the larger ecology of greater Cleveland and the world.  But, we also recognize the transformative potential of working as a cross-cutting force of integration across fragmented organizations, systems and communities. We see that how we work is as important as what we work on.

A Year of Growth, Challenge, and Possibility

This annual report offers highlights from a year of growth, challenge, and tremendous possibility, including: 

Welcome, New Faculty and Staff

As we embark on a period of growth in 2022, we are fortunate to be joined by new research staff and faculty members who deepen our perspectives and advance our analytic capabilities.

  • Faculty member John Pastor Ansah brings expertise in computational modeling, primary care, multimorbidity, and public policy, from Duke / National University of Singapore.
  • Faculty member Brian Biroscak brings social marketing, system science, and public health and violence reduction expertise from the Weitzman Institute.
  • Faculty member Anne Gaglioti is a family physician researcher (and Cleveland native) whose work at MetroHealth Health System, Morehouse School of Medicine, and with other close partners incorporates health equity, community engagement, and practice-based research.
  • Research Associate Robinson Stevens Salazar Rua is a researcher and policy analyst with experience in system dynamics, performance management, and evaluation of organizational performance.
  • Research Associate Bethany Snyder is an experienced research project manager with background in qualitative and mixed methods, public health messaging, and small sample size clinical trials.

We look forward to new exploration in the coming year and to connecting more deeply with old and new partners as we work together to advance equity, community health and integrated, personalized care.