Image of Dr. Haines at the CBHI Retreat
Image of Dr. Leverenz at the CBHI retreat

The Neurodegeneration Study Group is an investigator initiated group that brings together brain health scientists who work on different aspects of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia, and other neurodegenerative diseases. The goal of this group is to facilitate novel collaborations among scientists with overlapping interests, and to fully realize funding opportunities for neurodegeneration research.

The Neurodegeneration Study Group will meet monthly beginning in April, 2019. The initial meeting was an informal opportunity for PIs, fellows, and students who work on neurodegenerative diseases to meet and interact.  Subsequent meetings will have one or two components, each of which can last from 10 - 40 minutes.  

Given By: Anyone Given By: PI or PI and student/fellow
Purpose: Present information on novel funding opportunities Purpose: Introduce new work in the lab

To sign up to present, contact us at, let us know:

  1. Who you are 
  2. What you'd like to present (Funding Opportunity, or Faculty/student presentation), and
  3. Which date you would like to present

The Group will meet at 5:30 PM in one of two locations: At the School of Medicine Sears Tower T503, and at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Building in the A wing. Dinner will be provided.

Meeting of the AD Study Group
26 February CWRU SOM T 503 Ignacio Mata
25 March CWRU SOM T 503 Jagan Pillai
22 April CWRU SOM T 503 Kenneth Baker
27 May    
24 June