"For A Better CWRU" Update

To the students of Case Western Reserve University,

It's been just over six weeks since we announced the formation of "For a Better CWRU: A Student-Led Task Force." During that time, the co-chairs of our seven committees have been working to gather input from the 192 individuals who responded to our call for help. Together they have begun to answer the question, "How can Case Western Reserve University become the kind of welcoming and inclusive community we can and should be?"

To that end, the seven committees have each drafted mission statements which are now available on the For a Better CWRU website. In the near future, likely in mid-November, the committees will make their draft action plans available to the entire student body for input. After committees make their plans available, we will have a 12-day comment period, during which we invite you to reflect on each plan and provide meaningful feedback to the committees. Additional opportunities for your input are also being discussed, and we will be in touch about those within the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, should you have any immediate concerns or questions, we encourage you to reach out to the committee co-chairs or to any one of us. You may find their information online, and ours is provided below.


Aaron, Hunter and Wintana

Aaron McPeck 
Graduate Student Council

Hunter Stecko
Undergraduate Student Government

Wintana Eyob 
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion 
Undergraduate Student Government