Planning for Fall 2021 Courses

To the Case Western Reserve Community:

As Interim President Cowen and I wrote last week, Case Western Reserve University plans for the resumption of in-person instruction for the vast majority of fall 2021 classes at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. 

So what does this mean to faculty and staff planning for course delivery for the fall semester, as well as those graduate and professional programs that begin on multiple dates during the summer months? To help address those questions, please see these five guiding principles to assist in this process.

Please know that as we continue to monitor the pandemic, and as we work to reunite on campus, we will remain in communication with one another. If pandemic conditions change, the university will adapt according to the best public health guidance available at that time. We will share ideas, we will listen, and we will adjust... just as we have done as a community since the start of this pandemic.  

Ben Vinson III
Executive Vice President and Provost

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