Preparing for the Election and Beyond

To the Case Western Reserve Community:

The end of last night’s presidential debate signaled the start of the candidates’ final sprint to Tuesday, Nov. 3.

While many on campus already have engaged in election-related activities, the coming days will offer still more opportunities to learn about key campaign issues and even voting itself. You can find them at, along with information about getting to the polls and other resources.

We strongly encourage each of you to participate in the democratic process, and encourage supervisors and faculty to provide flexibility for staff and students going to vote and/or assist at the polls. Our election website provides additional information about the university’s guidelines for work and classes that day.

We also recognize the intensity of emotion surrounding this election; in Ohio, poll worker training now includes guidance on de-escalation techniques. A recent Harris Poll found that 68 percent of U.S. adults cite the election as a significant source of stress; 78 percent say the same about the pandemic.

Given this context, several university offices are offering programs to assist members of the campus community in managing these concerns and communicating more effectively in difficult times. Regardless of whether election night results yield a clear victor, these programs and other support will continue to be available throughout November.

We want to thank everyone involved in contributing to Case Western Reserve’s election-related efforts. Your commitment to inform, educate and support one another reflects the very best of our campus community.

Scott Cowen
Interim President

Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President