Ryan McMaster

Research Data Manager
Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Ryan is responsible for research, coordination and development of data collection and analysis for several projects with The Begun Center. His primary roles include building partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement and other government agencies in order to provide technical and analytical assistance while specifically focusing on the work in the counter drug arena. Ryan is supporting activities for the Northern District of Ohio Opioid Data Sharing Action Plan funded by the Bureau of Justice Administration and the Overdose Data to Action (OD2A) Evaluation and Performance Measurement Plan funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Ryan’s professional work history consists of multiple leadership positions, intelligence roles and various activities in the law enforcement and military arenas. Prior to his work at the Begun Center, Ryan served as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force. In his capacity in the intelligence community he supported the US Drug Enforcement Administration as an investigative case support analyst. His last position in the National Guard was Counterdrug Coordinator for the State of Ohio. He has significant experience supporting narcotics investigations, as well as a providing critical analytical support and developing innovative techniques to combat the ongoing opioid epidemic; his contributions have helped drive critical discussions and actions and translate well to the current work being done at The Begun Center.

Ryan led the Inspector General Inspections section at his last duty location, focusing solely on compliance, evaluations and performance measures. As a senior intelligence officer, he conducted research on a broad spectrum of national security issues and provided analysis and recommendations to senior staff and commanders.

Q: Why is your work at the Begun Center important to you, to our community, and to the world? Violence prevention is one of the most important elements society should strive to improve, and I’m glad to be part of an organization whose sole focus is in this field.

Q: What is a cause about which you are particularly passionate? I have a great desire to push for changes that will positively impact the opioid epidemic, a problem that continues to plague our communities and families.