Center for Innovative Practices (CIP)

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The Center for Innovative Practices (CIP) is a training and technical assistance center housed within the Begun Center. For 20 years, they have provided support to community-based agencies that seek to implement interventions that improve outcomes for youth and families. These interventions are evidence-based and specific to the needs of the organization and community. CIP provides initial training of the particular intervention(s) to the organization, then continues to support their work through technical assistance and consultation.

CIP was first established in 2000, by Patrick Kanary, MEd (now part of Begun Center National Advisory Board) at Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery. In 2008, they moved to join the Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence at Kent State University, which in 2011 moved to Case Western Reserve University to become the Begun Center. 

In 2017, Kanary retired as director of the CIP after 17 years, and Richard Shepler, PhD, was named as director.