Law Enforcement

Mark Singer speaking to group

Our researchers identify methods in which law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and individuals can come together and work toward a mutual goal of lower crime rates, improve conscientious policing, and reduce recidivism. Through these efforts we partner with local, state and federal law enforcement and prosecutors to increase positive police interaction, decrease incidents of human trafficking and study the extensive history of police and prosecutorial interaction with sexual assault victims.

Police Assisted Referral (PAR)

The Begun Center serves as a research and evaluation partner to the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Police Department and Frontline Services, Inc. to provide support to the Police Assisted Referral Program. PAR is a partnership among law enforcement, university crime prevention, the public housing community and mental health services that aims to identify potential violent crime early on by helping people with counseling and other services. Officers are trained to focus on three major points: recognize; identify; refer.

Principal Investigator: Mark Singer, PhD

Read about the Police Assisted Referral Program.

Fugitive Safe Surrender (FSS)

The Begun Center serves as a research and evaluation partner to police departments and faith based organization across the nation to support and evaluate local Fugitive Safe Surrender programs.

Principal Investigator: Daniel J. Flannery, PhD

Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention

The Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education at Case Western Reserve University will work with the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORFC) to provide training to identify and report violent extremism in rural areas and create a local, scalable threat assessment tool specific to the rural communities of Northeast Ohio.

Award: $184,981

Award period: September 2020 - 

More info:

Research Team: Daniel J. Flannery, PhD (principal investigator) Ryan McMaster, Rodney Thomas, Angela Kavadas, Ed Dabkowski

Police Recognition of Need (PRN)

The Begun Center serves as a research and evaluation partner to police districts who engage with PRN, which is based on the principle that police officers are “first social responders.” They often see people/families in crisis well before social service agencies have been contacted. Officers will take the time and effort to get citizens’ the help they need for family support, trauma exposure and emotional well-being.

Residents living in urban low-income neighborhoods are often faced with a number of challenges including but not limited to: gainful employment, accessible transportation, personal safety, and adequate clothing, housing and nutrition. The PRN program is designed for officers to provide citizens who have a recognized need for food, with $40 gift cards to a local supermarket. Cards are given at officer discretion and recognition of need. After providing the food card, officers send an e-mail to a private site and write a paragraph describing the circumstances under which the card was given. Community Engagement Officers in all five Cleveland police districts have been given food cards.

Cross culturally, the provision of food has significant importance not only to biological sustenance, but also as a means of group/family sharing and interaction, and a way to show care, support and comfort. It is with this importance in mind that the PRN program provides citizens with food as a concrete symbol of officers’ consideration and concern for the citizens they serve.

Principal Investigator: Mark Singer, PhD