Crisis Intervention

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Experiencing or witnessing violence can significantly impact the way we see the world. Our research helps to reduce victimization and increase treatment options for those impacted by violence, while influencing policy and practice related to violence exposure.

Jewish Family Services Association Forward Focus Evaluation

June 2018 - present

The Begun Center continues our collaborative work with the Jewish Family Services Association as we provide further technical assistance and evaluate the impact of the Forward Focus program, which provides financial literacy to community members in financial distress, including budgeting, debt reduction, employment, housing, transportation, and dependent care.

In addition to continuing past efforts of assisting with data collection and conducting a pre and post analysis of the Self Sufficiency Matrix data, we will drill down to explore the impact of dosage for those who receive some services but not the full program, conduct a basic cost benefit analysis, and provide training and technical assistance around qualitative metrics, namely structured case notes, to capture the efforts of Forward Focus that may not be captured by the Self-Sufficiency Matrix.

Funder: Jewish Family Services Association

Research Team: Rachel Lovell (Principal Investigator), Laura T. Overman

Suicide Prevention Initiatives

Ohio Campaign for Hope Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative

January 2016 - present

The Begun Center serves as a research and evaluation partner to the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation for the Ohio Campaign for Hope Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative. This initiative is a three-year youth suicide prevention campaign funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Research Team: Jane Timmons-Mitchell, PhD (Principal Investigator)

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Serving Ohio Guardsmen and Women

September 2018 - present

The Begun Center serves as evaluator for this three-year, SAMHSA-funded grant campaign that seeks to empower Ohio’s military, their families, and those serving them to take ownership of their mental health, engage in positive mental health strategies, and be aware of the resources available in Ohio to support them in times of need. This project is facilitated by the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation (OSPV) and trains Ohio National Guard members in Mental Health First Aid in order to recognize and refer those at risk of suicide. 

Nationally and in Ohio, Military Members & Veterans are at an increased risk of suicide as compared to their peers; risk for suicide is 22% higher in our nation’s veterans as compared to the general adult population. Despite these statistics, we know that suicide can be prevented and individuals in crisis can be supported and connected with effective mental health services. OSPF seeks to equip and empower military members, veterans, their families, and those serving them with the knowledge to identify the warning signs of suicide, confidence to ask about thoughts of suicide, and ability to refer to mental health providers with competence in military culture. OSPF also works with Ohio’s National Guard (ONG) and military-serving organizations across Ohio to promote greater understanding and awareness of mental health and suicide prevention.

In addition to the OSPF and the Ohio National Guard, project partners include Mindful Minds and the Partnership for Violence Free Families.

Research Team: Jane Timmons-Mitchell, PhD (Principal Investigator)

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September 2013 - present

The Begun Center provides evaluation services for the HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) funded Project IMPACTT, administered by the Cleveland Clinic health system, serving children and youth with epilepsy. IMPACTT (Integrating Mobile Provider Access for Telemedicine and Transition) seeks to improve care for this young population, who are at increased risk of being bullied, having depression and anxiety, and suicide. Telemedicine includes face to face cameras allowing patients to meet with providers virtually, and use of Cleveland Clinic's record keeping and communication system MyChart. This project seeks to make families partners in decision making using a medical home model, and uses Got Transition framework to help youth transition from the pediatric to adult system of health care.

Funder: HRSA

Partners: Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Research Team: Jane Timmons-Mitchell (Principal Investigator), Laura T. Overman

Ohio State Suicide Prevention Plan

October 2020 - present

At the direction of the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, the Begun Center seeks to undertake an evaluation of the State Suicide Prevention Plan for Ohio, which encompasses five strategies, including 13 goals and 43 objectives. The goal of the evaluation is to provide metrics and measurement for each of the identified objectives. The evaluator will work with OSPF staff to understand the framing of the strategies, goals and objectives, as well as progress to date, developing a plan for measurement. A combination of surveillance, quality improvement and research projects, gathering data from a variety of sources, will be undertaken. Like many states, Ohio has seen a rise in suicides during the past decade. The aim of the plan is to reduce suicide in Ohio, and the evaluation will document progress toward this important goal.

Funder: Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation

Research Team: Jane Timmons-Mitchell (Principal Investigator)

Bullying Prevention

The Begun Center serves as a research and evaluation partner to the StandUp Bullying Prevention Program, which tests a newly-developed computer-administered bullying prevention program for high school students.

Principal Investigator: Jane Timmons-Mitchell, PhD

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