What We Do

The Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education, led by Daniel J. Flannery, PhD, is home to a distinguished group of applied community-based research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance specialists in operation over the past two decades.

With grants and contracts of nearly $4 million annually, our center serves as a research partner to various local, state and national non-profit, foundation and government organizations and provide the following support:

  • Evaluating programs through data collection and analysis
  • Assist potential partners in the grant application process
  • Provide training and technical assistance around evidence based practices
  • Disseminate research through publications, project reports and conference presentations

Supporting our mission is the Center for Innovative Practices (CIP) and the Partnership for Evaluation, Research and Implementation (PERI). Both centers provide local and state-wide social service agencies with training, technical assistance, implementation and evaluation services around evidence based practices.

Our Mission

The Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education promotes social justice and community development by conducting applied, community-based and interdisciplinary research on the causes and prevention of violence, and by educating and training social workers, teachers, law enforcement and other professionals in the principles of effective violence prevention. The Center also develops and evaluates the impact of evidence-based best practices in violence prevention and intervention, and seeks to understand the influence of mental health, substance use, youth development and related issues on violent behavior and public health. The Center seeks to advance knowledge through dissemination of information in the scientific literature and attempts to bridge the gap between science and practice to inform public policy related to violence prevention.