Hudson Relays

The Oldest Programmed Campus Tradition

Beginning in 1910, the Hudson Relays was created to commemorate the campus move from Hudson, OH to Cleveland, OH. The Hudson Relays itself is a race amongst the classes the put each class's best runners to the test in a 26 mile relay around campus. As per tradition, if the same class wins all four years in a row, they are treated to a steak and champagne dinner, courtesy of the President and the Provost. To date, only three classes have ever achieved this goal! Will your class be next?

Congratulations to Most Recent Winners, Class of 2020!

Class of 2020 poses for photo in front of Adelbert to celebrate winning the 2018 Hudson Relays.
The Alumni Association of CWRU

We are so excited to announce the final results of the 2018 Hudson Relays! The weather was rainy and cold, but every single runner came out and supported their team with true Spartan spirit. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of you!

The Class of 2020 raced their way to the start of what could be a three-year win streak coming in at 2 hours, 4 minutes, and 10 seconds! Remember, three consecutive wins earns a Burgers & Beer Dinner with the Provost! 

The final detailed times from 2018 are as follows:

Cohort Time
Class of 2020 2:04:10
Class of 2021 2:07:10
Class of 2019 2:07:16
Alumni 2:11:17
Class of 2018 2:25:22
Graduate & Professional 2:38:08

Congratulations again to every Spartan who ran!

Hudson Relays History and Origins

In 1882, Western Reserve University moved 26 miles from Hudson, Ohio, to the University Circle area. Case Western Reserve University annually commemorates this event with Hudson Relays, a 26-mile relay race around the current campus. The event orginally began in 1910, starting in Hudson, Ohio, and ending at the rock in front of Adelbert Hall.

In 1990, the race was changed to its current course to comply with traffic and safety concerns. The current course is 26 miles long and consists of five laps around a pre-set course. A team from each class year—freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior—and an alumni team compete in the race. In 2009, graduate and professional students came together to have a team running in Hudson Relays.

The winner of the race has their class year engraved upon the Hudson Relays rock outside the south wall of Adelbert Hall. In addition, if a class team wins four years in a row, the administration provides a steak and champagne dinner for them at graduation. The Class of 2011 was the most recent class to earn this honor.

Many Thanks to the Archive Staff!

We appreciate the tireless work and efforts from the staff of University Archives! With their help, we developed a detailed history that highlights 100 years of the Hudson Relays. From winning classes, to changes in the routes, to bits of trivia you may not have known, check out one of Case's greatest traditions.