Leadership Development



The Office of Student Activities & Leadership empowers all Spartans to be present and actively engaged in contributing to campus life which leads to personal exploration, leadership development and school pride. We offer a wide range of leadership programming aimed at developing student leaders and giving all students the opportunity to expand their leadership skills and knowledge base.

We believe all CWRU Spartans already have what it takes to be an effective leader. The SpartanLEADS program is here to help students explore, discover, and own their authentic style of leadership!

Based on Bill George's Authentic Leadership Characteristics, the SpartanLEADS program is based on the following guideposts:

  • Authentic leaders have purpose. They know their strengths, passions, and why they want to lead.
  • Authentic leaders know their values. Those values are reflected in how they lead.
  • Authentic leaders build meaningful relationships. They recognize the importance of collaboration and learning from others.
  • Authentic leaders have the drive to accomplish their goals. They see the need for establishing objectives and expectations to ensure their vision is carried out.
  • Authentic leaders are sensitive to the needs of their community. They have the compassion necessary to understand the perspectives and experiences of others, especially those that differ from their own.

Leadership Programs

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