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SA&L Poster Order Form

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership is your stop for low-cost, large-scale posters. Our printer can print full-color posters up to 42" on one side. Posters are printed on plain, bond 20 pound paper. For glossy posters or posters which can be used long-term or outdoors, contact FedEx.

Posters must be submitted as a PDF file sized to a scaled version the poster size you want.

*It is easiest to change the document size for posters in powerpoint prior to saving as a PDF. For instructions on how to do this please see this Microsoft instruction site. 

We do not edit or change any files. Once you have created your poster as a PDF, proceed to our online order form to submit your order. You will be emailed when your poster(s) are ready to be picked up in the Office of Student Activities & Leadership. In order for the requested pick-up to be guaranteed, orders must be submitted 72 hours in advance.

Pricing Scale

Thanks to our new large format poster printer, SA&L is now offering a wider range of poster sizes for the CWRU community. 

*Please note that starting January 2024, the office will be going cashless and all posters being paid for at pick up will need to be paid for with credit card through CampusGroups or via check. 

The prices listed below indicate the longest side of your poster. For example a 32 X 42 in poster would fall into the 42-50" category and would be charged accordingly. The only limitation for our office is one of the sides has to be 42 inches or less. The largest paper roll we are able to accomodate is 42 inches, however, the other side of your poster can be longer than 42 inches.  

The table below lists the pricing format: 

Longest side All Others Campus Department (Speedtype)

Student Orgs (Speedtype)

24" or less  $13 $11 $6 Great for small informational or directional signs - such as 24 X 18 posters
25"-35" $15 $13 $8 Includes easel flip chart size - 31 X 24
36"-41" $17 $15 $10  
42"-50" $19 $17 $12 42 X 32 is great for hanging on doors
51"-59" $21 $19 $14 54 X 42 is great for hanging in Nord and Thwing
60"-70" $23 $21 $16  
Cost for each add'l in $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 If your largest dimension is over 70", there will be a $0.50 chrage for each additional inch 
Higher resolution $5 $5 $5 If you have dark background or instense coloring, we recommend adding this option. 
Rush  $5 $5 $5 A rush fee will be added to your order if you require your poster less than 2 business days after submitting. 


If you have any questions regarding our new poster printing pricing schedule, please feel free to call our office at 216-368-2679 or email


SA&L Poster Order Form